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Millwright Area Report – E WA & N ID


 Andritz Hydro

  • Grand Coulee Dam 3rd power house unit rebuilds 
  • Will be starting at Rock Island Dam this fall


Dix Corp

  • Installing two vertical units at nine mile dam job will not start until fall for millwrights.  This job should be starting at any time.
  • Bidding millwright work at Kaiser Aluminum in Spokane



  • Vitt plant working in HLW, LAW and BOF.  PT is still shut down for reengineering


Turbine Pros

  • Has started at Wells Dam.  This job is manned up at this time.



  • Areva outside of Richland WA.



  • Will be working at Clearwater papermill in Lewiston, Idaho


JH Kelly

  • Will have an outage at Clearwater papermill in Lewiston, Idaho


Voith Hydro

  • Will be starting at ICe Harbor Dam this fall



 For more information contact Ed Marston, Service Representative for Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho (509) 290-7355




Millwright Area Report – OR & SW WA


In Oregon and SW Washington the Millwright contractors currently have going or upcoming projects, shutdowns, outages, and maintenance work of all sizes and durations.  If you are currently not working please don’t hesitate to use this time to get your certifications and qualifications up to date.  Also, take advantage of some skill advancement training to stay up to speed on the ever changing technology.


Current work started, ongoing or finished this last month.

  • Camas GP Paper mill just finished a 2 week shutdown that included some of our millwright contractors doing this work.

  • Automatic Systems, Inc. started a 2 month duration conveyor  project at the Eugene Airport this past week.

  • APM started a 5 day project at the Goldendale Generating Facility on 10-9-15.

  • Adirondack Services started a 34 +/- day outage at the PGE Beaver Generating Facility on 10-3-15 with 13 millwrights on each of 2 shifts.

  • D&Z currently has a few guys at the Boardman Coal Fire Plant.

  • Ethos has completed the mechanicals on the gas turbine and are continuing the installation of the steam turbine at the Carty Generation Facility. Abacus has 2 millwrights working on other misc. mechanical work outside of Ethos's contract.

  • Intermech/Richland started a 1 week project at Hermiston Generating Facility on 10-5-15.
  • MHS Tech. Services, Inc. started a 13 week project at the Portland UPS facility on 9-8-15.

  • Northbank Civil and Marine, Inc. is continuing work at Lookout Point Dam and are currently not on site at Mcnary Dam while waiting on parts. They have started mobe in at Fall Creek Dam this past week for a project they are going to start.

  • Platinum Industrial, Inc. started a 6 week project at Lake Harriet Powerhouse near Ripple Brook Ranger Station up the clackamas water shed on 9-1-15.

  • RH Mechanical which is a company I was able to get a project labor agreement with at Certain Teed in Portland continues to ramp up and down manpower with the work load. William the owner is very happy with our millwright brothers and sisters so please keep up the great work.

For more information contact Jeremiah Johnson, Service Representative for Oregon  & Southwest Washington (971) 266-7050













UBC Millwrights currently working at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, project at the Hanford Site. 



UBC Millwrights working at Boundary Dam            


Unit 55 Rotor Removal Boundary Powerhouse            Unit 55 Wicket Gate Arm Removal Boundary Powerhouse



Unit 55 Generator Shaft and Thrust Bearing 330         Unit 55 Operating Ring Removal 405