Millwrights Local 96 was chartered on January 24, 2011 and represents over 800 members throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  


Nos aut inveniam viam aut faciam   ~ We will either find a way or make one





Message from the President




Dear Sisters and Brothers,


The Western WA AGC Agreement has passed.  For those of you working under this agreement you can go to the Council website to review it.  

As far as the MEA Agreement - we have not yet been notified of the results of the vote as of yet but it too will be on the Council web site.
Remember to keep your training up to date.  We have had a few members that did not keep their certifications updated and as a result missed out on a job call. I hate for this to happen to other members.  We also had an issue with members taking classes but not reporting their new training to Central Dispatch (Mix 20/20).  When a call for manpower with a specific certification goes out, it only goes out to those members who have the training on their profile.  So please keep your training up to date. 


In Solidarity,

Edwin J. Marston, President








Ed J Marston, President Josh A Groves
Josh A Groves, Vice President Jeremiah D Johnson
Dave L Rupe, Financial Secretary Mitchell C Kelly
Michael A Miller, Recording Secretary Ed J Marston
Justin W McClendon, Treasurer Dave L Rupe
Jim R Nelson, Conductor Randy S Thompson
Chad P Canoy, Warden Robert C Bersuch, Alternate
Caleb D Anderson, Trustee Starrett W McClendon, Alternate 
Allan H Maynard, Trustee  
Randy S Thompson, Trustee